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There is something unique beneath the renowned industrial setting in Kwai Chung district. An unsophisticated yet remarkably cohesive South Asian network has long been formed since 1970s. Kung Yung Koon-The Dost was opened in May, 2014. It is a relaxing space where the locals and South Asians can spend time with. Visitors would be able to get a glimpse of the South Asian immigration history, living culture, and hand-made handcrafts via the permanent and current exhibitions in Kung Yung Koon-The Dost.

The permanent exhibitions of Kung Yung Koon-The Dost include:

  Project Introduction  
  History of South Asian Immigration in Hong Kon
  Kwai Chung—Local and South Asian Integrated Community

The current exhibitions of Kung Yung Koon-The Dost include: