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“Manufacturing factories”, “container terminal”, “labour” are the terms that commonly associated with Kwai Chung district.

HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre has been providing diversified social services to ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong since 2001. With the concern about these people's needs, our services provide supports for helping them confront difficulties in life and promoting harmony amongst different races. The project “Our Community of Love & Mutuality : Nurturing Cultural Diversity & Community Legacy in Kwai Chung” is one of our service projects launched in late 2013, it includes:


Project item (I)

Ping Lai Plus–Ping Lai Cross-Cultural Community Revitalization Project
Through working with like-minded artists from different backgrounds, the Ping Lai sitting-out area will be revitalized into an open garden featuring various cross-cultural elements, and also a public space where people from all cultural backgrounds can share and enjoy.

Project item (II)

Kung Yung Koon-The Dost
Kung Yung Koon-The Dost is a community centre, which bridges the local and South Asian cultures. Exhibitions showcasing diverse cultures will change seasonally, together with ad hoc activities such as community tours, workshops, music shows etc., allowing the public to explore different cultures’ uniqueness.

Project item (III)

C-tour –Cross-cultural Community Tour
Locals can gain more insight in the South Asian culture by joining the C-tour, which is a cross-cultural community tour in Kwai Chung district led by a group of South Asian inhabitants. Participants will have a full glimpse of cross-cultural uniqueness through the visit to mosques, Islam restaurants and the South Asian grocery store.

Project item (IV)

Ping Lai Market–Cross-Cultural Market
A seasonal cross-cultural market will be set at the Ping Lai Path sitting-out area. All are welcome to experience featuring products created and also bring along their own skills and creations

Project item (V)

Ping Lai Memory – Kwai Chung Cross-cultural Heritance Project
A series of culture heritance projects will be done regarding the formation of cross-cultural community in Kwai Chung district, which includes publication of researches, establishing online forum and webpage, and organizing sharing sessions with general public.